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Disposable Toothbrushes On The Go

On The Go Toothbrush

You can’t put a price on having a radiant smile and healthy teeth, and now achieving this level of oral hygiene is more realistic than ever. Traditionally, disposable toothbrushes have been basic and simple, not offering the same level of precision and comfort as other toothbrushes. And, the idea made sense. Why spend a lot of money on a toothbrush that you were just going to throw away or keep for occasional uses?

The UltiBrush is a completely different concept. It’s one of the most advanced on the go toothbrushes to date, and it offers everything you need to care for your teeth while away from home: a toothbrush, toothpaste, mirror and rinse cup. Of course, you’re not limited to on-the-go use with the UltiBrush as it’s a great toothbrush to use at home, too. But, if you travel or need a comprehensive toothbrush to keep at work or in the car, the UltiBrush is the real deal.

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Why should you choose the UltiBrush as your disposable toothbrushes?

  • Avoids bad breath
  • Fights cavities
  • Less work needed at the dentist
  • Whiter teeth
  • Healthier smile
  • More confidence
  • No more messy squeeze tubes
  • Makes brushing fun

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The UltiBrush is available in many fun colors to match your personality, and it contains enough toothpaste to get you through three months, which is when the ADA recommends replacing your toothbrush. These toothbrushes on the go are TSA compliant so you don’t have to worry about being held up at the airport. And, you can pack lighter since you don’t need to bring along a separate toothbrush, toothpaste, mirror and cup. Keep your disposable on the go toothbrush in your carry-on bag and feel confident that no matter what happens - or who you meet - you can have a glowing smile and fresh breath!

How do you know when the toothpaste is running low in your disposable on the go toothbrush? There’s enough toothpaste for about 40 uses, or your typical three months, and you’ll see the contents running low through the easy-to-view window. Instead of adding more toothpaste, simply replace your UltiBrush. No messy globs of toothpaste or exploding squeeze tubes in your luggage or backpack anymore. Just clean, simple and efficient on the go disposable toothbrushes.

We know that you’re excited to get your hands on the UltiBrush, and who can blame you? With all the great features and convenience, it makes sense for the UltiBrush to be your on the go toothbrushes. But, you’ll also be pleased to know that the brush is comfortable and ergonomic, so you won’t be selling yourself short on these features. The UltiBrush has an ergo-designed barrel handle and soft bristles. Each brush will be comfortable and clean, just the way brushing is meant to be. No more hard bristles that eat away at your gums.

We dare you to try the UltiBrush for your disposable toothbrushes and see what these dentist recommended, state-of-the-art tools can do for your oral health.

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